This tiny train ride in Benton Harbor proves that good things come in small packages. All aboard for Christmas! 

Benton Harbor is 3,412.5 miles from the North Pole. At Eden Springs Park, it seems a lot closer with their miniature Christmas train ride.

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Michigan's Pere Marquette 1225, made famous by the Polar Express movie is back on track this Christmas, but rides are nearly sold out and the cheapest seat is $65 if you can get one. (You can rent an entire caboose for all your friends at a cost of $1,800.) The miniature steam train at Eden Springs Park at House of David is not the same, but they will get you onboard for just $4 a seat, and only a one-hour drive from Kalamazoo.

Visiting Eden Springs Park House of David is like stepping back in time. A time when the world was simpler, and the star of Christmas shone brighter. The train rides have always been a magical part of the journey for kids of all ages, and this one is like a trip to the North Pole. All aboard the three cars, with seats for 24 total passengers. The engineer and conductor steer the train through the park and over trestles, past carrot-nosed snowmen, brightly-lit Christmas trees, Olaf the snowman from Frozen, various minions, jolly Santas of all shapes and sizes, Snoopy in a festive scarf, and, of course, a manger scene because "that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

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