The flag for the city of Holland is, um, uninspiring to say the least. It consists of the city's seal with the words, "City of Holland Michigan/A Lakefront Community/Prospering/Through Diversity." Umm, okay. The city explored a new flag in 2016. How about this one shown above? We think it looks great.

The flag celebrates the city's Dutch heritage as well as its well known Tulip Festival. It was designed by reddit user WufflyTime who describes the flag:

The large white cross is a reference to its nickname of "City of Churches." The orange is a reference to the city's Dutch roots, and the blue is the same shade as the one in the US flag. The six tulips represents its famous Tulip Time Festival, and its six wards. The saltire in the top left represents its windmill, Big Red.

So what's taking the Holland City Council so long? Let's get a resolution going to officially make this the city's flag.

If you want a few more vexillology (the study of flag) things, check them out here.

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