Comedian Jim Breuer says he will not perform in a couple weeks at the Royal Oak Music Theater because the audience has to show proof of being vaccinated.

Some event promoters are allowing artists to decide on the protocols for COVID-19 for their shows, while some venues have requirements of their own they have put in place.

AEG Live is the promotor for the Royal Oak Music Theater. AEG Live has a policy that begins, October 1, 2021 the same night as Jim Breuer's performance, that says you must present proof of vaccination to enter any of their events.

According to MLive, the former Saturday Night Live cast member said,

The Wellmont Theater, New Jersey, not doing it. Also, the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan. Due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up to prove you're vaccinated, to prove you had a shot. I am absolutely not doing those show. I know I'm going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I'm not going to be enslaved by the system or by money and nor should anyone that wants to laugh or be entertained.

I have only been to two shows since we were allowed to go to events again and at both shows there were no requirements. The Upheaval Festival at Belknap Park in Grand Rapids, and the 3 Doors Down show at the Allegan County Fair. Neither show posted any requirements but both were outdoors.

The Royal Oak Music Theater is an indoor venue and as we get into the fall and winter colds are the most likely to appear, just like last year when it cooled down and COVID-19 cases went through the roof. Michigan is already seeing a high number of cases that have already doubled since last month.

Breuer is pretty adamant about how he feels about about what rules two of the biggest promoters, Live Nation and AEG Live, have put into place and said,

I don't care if you're vaccinated. I don't care. That's great. It's a choice. And if you have anything else to say, I honestly don't care. Due to I have to stick to my morals, I have to stick to what I know is right. As a human to another human, when you have to be forced, bribed, dictated, which is basically what's going on, I'm telling you, Live Nation and AEG are holding hostage to all performers and telling these venues that they need to do it. I'd rather go bankrupt and make a stance and not segregate.

I guess we will see how this plays out with other performers, venues and the entertainment industry as a whole as we move forward in this pandemic that keeps rearing its ugly head.

Here's my all time favorite moment from Jim Breuer's stand up. If you love AC/DC, you will love it too.

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