A little over a month after the release of "Absurd," Guns N' Roses are now rumored to be releasing another new song soon, called "Hardskool."

The news came from a fan who posted a photo online with Axl Rose after a recent GN'R concert. "So last night I finally met Axl, he invited me backstage and we had a beer together," the caption reads.

"He remembered me from other shows! I asked him about 'Hardskool' and he played it for me and said they should be releasing it soon. Dreams do come true."

See the photo below.

"Hardskool" was one of several Chinese Democracy demos that were leaked a couple of years ago in August of 2019, along with "Absurd," which was originally titled "Silkworms." Guns played "Absurd" live for the first time in August of this year, and they released the official studio version of the track a few days later.

There was a broad range of reactions on the internet in the days following the release of the song, with some fans very excited about it, and others disappointed.

Many people on the Guns N' Roses Reddit page have been speculating that "Hardskool" would be the next single after "Absurd," and they are apparently very excited about it and prefer it over "Absurd." The band reportedly practiced the song during their sound check a couple of weeks ago.

"Love the vocals on the leak think they are perfect. Just want that Slash groove from the rehearsals and get rid of that slow part," one fan wrote of the song on Reddit.


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