Music is a major part of being a Michigander and really an American. American rock ‘n’ roll changed the face of music, starting all the way back with the blues into the many evolutions that it is made since the early 1900s. Music shops are a vital part of our American history as well.

How many of the most legendary guitarists have you heard stories about just going into a music shop, buying an instrument, and making it big? The list is huge and it’s because music stores give us the opportunity to have accessibility to instruments that you can’t just find anywhere. There’s an iconic music shop that pretty much everyone knows about because it’s been around for 100 years, and that may be about to close all of its locations.

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No not Guitar Center, it’s a place called Sam Ash, and in a Reddit post that was made online somebody has apparently revealed a rumor saying that they’re about to shut down every single store in the country if they can't find a buyer, which includes the three locations in Columbus, Lyndhurst, and Cincinnati, Ohio:

Messages just went out to all company leadership but they haven’t told employees yet. If you are an employee at a still open store; sorry if this is how you are finding out. Weird to be losing a 100-year-old fixture in the guitar world but at the same time;

The original Reddit post also comments on how this may be a good thing for small businesses if this claim is true:


I think it will create more space for mom and pops to soak up some of the business that was being drawn from online and from GC that Sam Ash drew as they acted as a sort of ‘pseudo-mom and pop’ trying to be more customer-focused than GC but still try and have the selection of a mega-store.

Have you heard any of these rumors or do you think this is a fake?


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