Detroit Tigers will start their 2018 season in just a few weeks.  One of the new changes for the upcoming season will be new extended netting around the park. 

According to the Tigers,  the netting will extend down the first and third base lines and will protecting infield and outfield box seats.    You will barely notice the new netting as it blends in with the field grass.   The netting is thinner and will give fans great site lines for the field.

The new netting comes from research done by the team after a few incidents around baseball  made the team look at more ways to protect the fans.  The current netting was in line with the league rules but the team wanted to do a little more.

To get fans and the team use to the new netting, it is being used during Spring Training in Lakeland, Florida.

The Tigers are set to open their 2018 season on Thursday, March 29th against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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