A refund may be coming your way if your electricity was knocked out by the weekend storms.

When severe storms hit, thousands of customers can be without power, sometimes for several days. Consumers Energy has crews working around the clock to restore electricity, but customers are due a refund if it takes too long.

 While we appreciate the utility companies for their around-the-clock work to restore power to their customers, it’s important we continue working together to ensure better reliability for our residents.

-Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Now, the compensation: Consumers Energy customers may be eligible for a $25 credit if they were without power for more than 16 hours as a result of recent electric outages. Find the form you need to fill out HERE. Also, credits are available for repetitive interruptions if a customer experiences more than seven interruptions in a 12-month period. 

Sixteen hours without power seems like an extraordinary amount of time and $25 is likely far too little to make much of a difference, but it is better than nothing.

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