Wouldn't you know it?  It's cookie season; well, Girl Scout cookie season and we have a recall.  Not on actual girl scout cookies but they are Mint Chip so close enough to the always favorite Thin Mints.  No, this recall is at area Meijer stores and doesn't have the usual threat most recalls have which lately have included glass, plastic, rubber and wood in the products.  In fact, this could be more dangerous.

According to fox17online.com, Meijer announce a voluntary recall of it's Meijer brand Mint Chip cookies because soy is not properly declared on the label.  that may seem insignificant to most but, apparently, some people are allergic or have a severe sensitivity to soy which could lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these cookies.  Approximately 720 containers were sold in 6 states including Michigan between 2/13/19 and 2/20/19.  The cookies are in clear plastic containers with a clamshell seal with UPC: 0-41250-14563-9 and 0-41250-14564-6.  To get more specific details click HERE.




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