A conversation has been on going for a few years now about children and unsupervised access to the internet.  Many parents are allowing their children to have a cell phone at younger and younger ages.  Perhaps they are naive, ignorant or maybe they just don't care.  The fact is, children are being exposed to information they may not be able to process in a healthy way which could cause lasting affects down the road.  And much of that information we deem harmful is sex in all it's "internet" forms.  That being said, should we get in front of it?

An article on wzzm13.com, reveals that the state of Washington could soon require public schools to teach comprehensive sexual education to student starting in kindergarten.  According to the senate bill, all public school would provide comprehensive sexual health education that is evidence-informed, medically and scientifically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive for all students and would require teachers to work this into their curriculum for students in grades sixth through twelfth by September 2020, and for kindergarten through fifth-grade students in September 2021.  The question then is: will other school districts, like Kalamazoo, follow suit?

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