I cannot believe we're having this conversation in 2020. After all ,access to safe, hygienic, and affordable menstrual products is a cause I think everyone can get behind. These are not optional items; these are products that every woman needs in order to go to work, attend school, and continue business as usual every 21 days. Life doesn't stop, right? It's just so crazy to me that menstrual hygiene products are taxed as "luxury" items in the Mitten. Neither can a group of lawyers who formed an organization called Period Equity. They're helping women file lawsuits on the grounds that charging taxes on menstrual products is sex-based discrimination.

Look. Ask anyone who has a period, menstrual products are not luxury items. They're not impulse buys. These are needs, not wants. Many women I know have opted for reusable options in an effort to save money (and the environment) but those options aren't for everybody. And no one should be punished monthly because they need certain products to function. But thanks to more and more lawsuits popping up around the country, some lawmakers in Michigan are starting to take this issue seriously. This shouldn't be considered a revolutionary idea, either, to make menstrual products tax-free and affordable. This should be common sense and more states should consider similar action

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