A Florida man and an Ohio woman got a little too frisky in Sandusky and are now facing public indecency charges.

Sunday evening a member of the Cedar Point security staff called the Sandusky police to report some illegal activity happening on their Ferris wheel ride called the Giant Wheel.

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Multiple witnesses came forward to talk to law enforcement.  Fox 8 Cleveland obtained the police report from the Sandusky Police department that contained this witness account,

We go on, and it was going well until we stopped at the top.  My friend saw the couple in front of us having sexual intercourse and pointed it out to the rest of us.

Other witnesses pointed out that as the couple was "moving back and forth" on the Ferris wheel they were laughing at the witnesses that were upset by their actions.  Two people that witnessed the 32-year-old couple gettin' busy on the Cedar Point ride were juveniles.  Upon learning that information law enforcement immediately contacted the juvenile's parents and upped the public indecency charges to a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The suspects, who denied doing anything naughty at first, when confronted with witness accounts eventually came clean.  Both suspects were arrested, charged with public indecency, and bonded out of jail as they await their day in court.

I'm not here to body shame or sex shame, but there is a time and a place for everything.  A public amusement park with kids around is not the place.

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