An Ohio couple just left an incredible Christmas gift for restaurant employees.

I have no doubt the person waiting on this couple thought there was a big mistake.  A very, very big mistake.  Last Friday, December 10th, a couple came into Vinoklet Winery, Restaurant, & Vineyard just outside of Cincinnati in Colerain Township, Ohio.  After they enjoyed their dinner, they paid their $112.95 bill and went home.  The tip was much larger than the common 15-20%.  Much, much larger.  The tip was over 6,000%.  The manager of Vinoklet Winery posted their gratitude on Facebook,

We wanted to thank a local couple that Blessed our staff with a very generous tip on Friday evening.  Due to their generosity, our team will be able to share the blessing they received with their families this holiday season.

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The restaurant manager, Thomas Jay, told Fox 19 Now in Cincinnati that they split the tip evenly among the seven employees that worked that night.  $1,000 a person is still an incredible take home after splitting the tip.

We know that the generous couple is from Cincinnati, Ohio.  But it appears they wish to remain anonymous.

If you know of someone leaving an incredibly generous tip like this over the holiday season, we want to know about it.  Please let us know in the comments below.

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