In a year where we've seen things that we thought we never would and done things we thought we never would, there are always some things that never change.  No matter what the circumstances, bad people will always try and take advantage of good people.

Frankly, bad people will always try and take advantage of bad people too.  There's no honor among thieves and certainly no sympathy or compassion either.  I often wonder if there weren't haves and have nots; only haves or only nots what the criminal element would do.

Just last week we found out about scammers selling the Face Mask Exemption Cards which wouldn't exactly ruin someone's life but still.  Now the Federal Trade Commission is alerting the public to people who claim to be COVID-19 contact tracers for health departments.

Here's how you can tell it's a scam:

-Real contact tracers won't ask you for money.

-Contact tracing doesn't require your bank account or your credit card number.

-Contact tracers won't ask for your social security number.

-Real contact tracers won't ask about your immigration status.

This is one of those situations that allow the scammers to take advantage of the fact that everything that is happening is new.  We haven't been around the block yet on the ins and outs of what to expect when the door bell rings or an email looks legitimate.

Moreover, this isn't some insurance scam or bank scam.  This is life or death like we've never had before.  Be very careful and check in on those you know who may be easy prey like the elderly.  In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes and ears open to what the next scam will be.  and there WILL BE a next scam.

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