A new four-disc box set from Cream contains previously unreleased concert recordings from 1968, the UMC label announced.

Goodbye Tour Live 1968 features performances at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, the Forum in Los Angeles and the San Diego Sport Arena during their final trip to California, along with their farewell show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. While some of the material has been heard before, 19 of the 36 tracks have not previously been released in full.

“Cream was a shambling circus of diverse personalities who happened to find that catalyst together,” Eric Clapton said in a statement. “Any one of us could have played unaccompanied for a good length of time. So you put the three of us together in front of an audience willing to dig it limitlessly, we could have gone on forever… And we did… just going for the moon every time we played.”

Goodbye Tour Live 1968 also marks the first time the Albert Hall show has been available on CD, having only been released on DVD in the past. It’s the first authorized launch of all four shows, and the recordings have been remastered from the original tapes. The set will be released on Feb. 7 and it’s available for pre-order now.

Ten days later, on Feb. 17, Clapton will lead a tribute concert to drummer Ginger Baker, who died in October. It takes place at London’s Hammersmith Apollo and will feature music the pair worked on in both Cream and Blind Faith.

Cream – ‘Goodbye Tour Live 1968’ Track List

Disc 1: Oakland Coliseum Arena
1. “White Room”
2. “Politician”
3. “Crossroads”
4. “Sunshine of Your Love”
5. “Spoonful”
6. “Deserted Cities of the Heart”
7. “Passing the Time”
8. “I’m So Glad”

Disc 2: The Forum, Los Angeles
1. “Introduction”
2. “White Room”
3. “Politician”
4. “I’m So Glad”
5. “Sitting on Top of the World”
6. “Crossroads”
7. “Sunshine of Your Love”
8. “Traintime”
9. “Toad”
10. “Spoonful”

Disc 3: San Diego Sports Arena
1. “White Room”
2. “Politician”
3. “I’m So Glad”
4. “Sitting on Top of the World”
5. “Sunshine of Your Love”
6. “Crossroads”
7. “Traintime”
8. “Toad”
9. “Spoonful”

Disc 4: Royal Albert Hall, London
1. “White Room”
2. “Politician”
3. “I’m So Glad”
4. “Sitting on Top of the World”
5. “Crossroads”
6. “Toad”
7. “Spoonful”
8. “Sunshine of Your Love”
9. “Steppin’ Out”


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