What's going on in the Decatur and Dowagiac area?  Is this area of the world some sort of hidden food paradise that we're just finding out about?  Maybe it's like that street in Fond Du Lac, WI were an unusual amount of winning lottery tickets are sold?  Earlier this month we told you about a hole-in-the wall pizza joint called Cranky Hank's that was chosen as one of the best places for pizza in the entire nation.  And now, practically right next store, another small place is finding its way onto the national food map.

Once again, the folks at msn.com did a national search, this time for the best place for cheap burgers, and the best in the state of Michigan is right here in our backyard; this time in Decatur.  Laura's Little Burger Joint caught their eye, or should I say mouth.  According to them: "A Decatur staple, this seasonal, no-frills walk-up shop sells burgers starting at $4.95. Typical add-ons such as bacon and cheese are available at Laura’s, with a focus on consistency over creativity.  And according to Laura's website we'll have to wait until April 16th to sample the fare.  Check out the rest of the notables around the country and more by clicking HERE.


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