Declawing is a misnomer. Cats who undergo the procedure don't have their claws removed. They a third of their toe bones cut off. That would be like amputating your fingers at the third knuckle. Gruesome. Disfiguring. This surgery can have long-lasting side effects on the cat like infections, arthritis, and a painful gait. Some experience a temperament change and start biting or acting out in other ways. Because of this, a lot of cat lovers have decided against declawing, however sticking to that resolution proves difficult when trying to find an apartment. A lot of rental associations in Michigan will only allow declawed cats as part of the lease agreement. Today, there is a big campaign to change that.

City the Kitty is a non-profit dedicated to "building global awareness about the unnecessary and inhumane procedure of declawing so that we can outlaw this practice," according to their website. They hope that by September 15th of this year all cats in Michigan will be able to live their lives anywhere, regardless of whether or not they've been declawed. If you, or someone you know, were turned away from tenancy due to a declawing issue, City the Kitty would like you to contact them. Just email, and put "Michigan apartment" in the subject line, and indicate whether the apartment was furnished or not. Your information will be confidential. They hope to use that information to reach out to big property management companies and educate them about the facts about declawing.

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