Only God Knows Why Kid Rock wanted to give up his Detroit Mansion, but regardless, the deed is done, and the mansion, previously owned by the American Bad Ass is now in the hands of a new owner.

Amy Trahey bought the home for right at $2 million, and gets all six bedrooms, and 6,000 square feet. It also happens to be one of only six riverfront homes in Detroit. It also happens to be just down the street from the Mayor's residence, the Manoogian Mansion.

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The plan for Trahey and her family is to update SOME of the rooms, but for the most part, leave it the way it is with all of Kid's furniture and displays intact. Her, and her husband plan on making it their primary residence, but ALSO have plans to rent it out for functions and events.

And when you look through the house, you'll see why they might not want to make many changes. To be honest, you'd never know a numetal rock star lived there. Most of the design and decor is pretty consistent with the Plantation stylings of the home, MAYBE with the exception of the basement, which is tricked out as the ultimate man cave, with personal theater, bar and "entertaining" area.

The house does come with a private dock, boat house, and observation deck overlooking the river, too.

Rock moved out the house in 2019 when he moved to Nashville full time. It was bought by another person right after he left, but they made no changes to the home, and re-sold it this year to Trahey and her family.

Their plans to rent it out for weddings, birthday parties, and charity and political fundraisers would be a way for her to maintain the upkeep of the home and the property.

If you need a refresher of what Rock's Detroit mansion looked like (or still does look like), look through our gallery below, and if you'd like to rent it out, you can contact Amy at

Look Inside Kid Rock's Former Detroit Home

Kid Rock's former Detroit mansion is stunning inside and out. The beautiful home, located at 9090 Dwight St. in Detroit, comes with a custom boathouse and a fabulous downstairs home theater, bar, and dining area.

And the famous Michigan rocker even left behind a couple of American flag pillows and a bunch of his 'Badass Beer.'

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