A Flint man will be featured on FOX NFL this Sunday. This is not the first time NFL fans have met Gary Campioni, he has starred in Detroit Lions videos and even appeared on the NFL Draft in 2020.

I don't know a more enthusiastic Detroit Lions fan than Gary Campioni. Gary is at every home game (and even some away games) dressed up as 'Macho Mane'. He and five of his buddies from college call themselves 'The Blue Mane Group' If you have been to a Lions game, you have seen Gary and his crew.

The Blue Mane Group
The Blue Mane Group

Just yesterday the FOX NFL Sports camera crew visited Gary at his home to film a segment that will air this Sunday, October 17th, prior to the Detroit Lions game. I asked Gary to give me the details on the visit. According to Gary, the film crew asked him to describe what it is like being a Detroit Lions fan. This is what Gary said,

Emotional. Most teams start out in the lead, and we’re chasing them like the underdog through most of the game. Then we start to catch up, they give us hope, and some games we take the lead with seconds left on the clock, and we celebrate the victory we’re about to have, and then the  team does something ridiculous, the opposing team score and win the game - and our hearts break again. Then somehow the next day, I start feeling optimistic about the next game.

The crew also asked Gary how he felt about Detroit Lions Dan Campbell and his emotional response after losing to Minnesota last week,

Our coach was in tears after the game, for his post game interview. We really thought the Lions were going to win, as they had the lead with seconds left on the clock, but the Vikings kicked a field goal at the end of the game, for the win.

He got choked up and that was the best thing I’ve seen out of a Lions coach in a long time and I’m so glad he’s our coach. This coach has heart, this coach believes in his players and wanted his players to get that win. And that for the Lions to start winning and have a winning season it’s going to take that kind of heart!

That is awesome! I can't wait to see Gary on TV this Sunday. You can check out some pictures of Gary during filming below. Congrats Gary and here's to a Lions victory this weekend.

Macho Mane

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