It's that time again. That time where we as Lions fans dig down deep. We take a breath. And we say the words.

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This year will be our year. This year WILL BE THE YEAR.

This year will be crazy different.

But  every year for us is crazy different. And not in that good way as we find new and exciting ways to lose games that we haven't seen or accomplished before.

It's a gift.

But These Aren't The Same Lions


For the first time in a long time, that statement is about as true as it could be.

We said goodbye to longtime QB Matt Stafford. He went to the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
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You know what's really going to hurt? When he and the Rams do really well and he wins some big games and the announcers will say it.

The inevitable comparisons and that all he really needed to do was get from under the thumb of the Lions.

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Comparisons to the new QB Jared Goff. Who we got from the Rams. Insert instant drama.

Don't forget our new head coach Dan Campbell. He's got a taste for kneecaps.

And to be honest, the critics aren't that impressed with our new look "everything".

But the folks at ESPN ranked Detroit as the least talented team in the NFC and the second-least talented in the NFL (Houston, you have a lot of problems). (Detroit Free Press)

Same Old Lions.

You know what? You're just going to have to go see for yourself and check on their progress BEFORE they hit the field this fall.

You and the family can do it for free. Have you ever been to Lions Training Camp?

It's free, you don't need tickets, there are a couple of days that are reserved for "season ticket members only", and you only have to agree to their Fan Health Promise.

Head HERE for all the details and protocols to go check out Detroit Lions Training Camp.

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