As the Detroit Red Wings season winds down,  the team begins to look towards next season and a possible top pick in the 2018 draft. 

The Red Wings have been near the bottom of not only the Eastern Conference, but the entire NHL most of the season.  Depending on where they finish, they have a chance at a decent draft pick or a top pick this summer.

According to the story from the Sporting News,  The Detroit Red Wings have a good chance at a top five pick.

As of March 21st,  the team and their 65 points have a 7.6% chance to land the top pick at the draft.   Top three pick they are listed at 23.4%.

Just to compare with the best chance their fellow Atlantic division team, Buffalo is at 58 points. They have a 18 % chance at a top pick.

According to the story these numbers are estimates as the league won't release their odds until after the season.

These numbers could also change depending on how many wins, losses these teams get the remainder of the season.   The ultimate prize is the number one pick whom many think will be defenseman Rasmus Dahlin.

Even if the Red Wings don't land the top pick they should be able to get a solid player with whatever pick they make in the first round.

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