Dylan Larkin is already known as a class act around the NHL, but the Detroit star proved why he's a fan favorite as well.

This actually happened a few days before Christmas, but with all of the holiday madness that we were all going through, it never got the attention it deserved.

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The Red Wings captain was skating around for pre-game warm-ups when he bumped into the boards behind the goal. This happens about 400 times in any NHL game, but this time Larkin just so happened to hit the exact spot where a fan had set their beer.

The beer obviously went flying and spilled all over the floor, but what Larkin did next is the stuff of legend.

This is how you know what kind of guy Dylan Larkin really is.

He is only a few minutes from game time and is most likely trying to focus as much as possible on that. Instead of just apologizing through the glass, he went above and beyond to make sure the fan got a new beer.

Larkin skated over to Rick Szuber, who works at the Red Wings locker room attendant, and asked him if he had $20. Then explains that he has $20 in his locker, and asks Szuber to go get the guy another beer. Later in the video, you can see the fan getting his beer delivered to him!

Larkin was mic'd up for the entire game, and you can hear the audio from the night here.

The Red Wings have had trouble playing games lately because of Covid cancellations, but when they do hit the ice two things are almost guaranteed.

  1. Dylan Larkin is going to have a huge impact on the game.
  2. The fans are going to have a great time.

If you need some proof about number 2, just check out the video of this kid at a game recently. His smile and excitement are everything you need to bring a smile to your face today.

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