Extracurricular programs at schools are important, and when it comes to a lot of sports, the atmosphere can get very rowdy. Deafening crowds, wild cheers and chants, with cheers, and potentially heartbreak.

But for one Detroit school, one of the largest crowd turnouts of the year, and one of the rowdiest crowds they've seen all year wasn't at a football game, a basketball game, or even a hockey game... it was an eSports tournament.

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Detroit Catholic Central went all in on their eSports program, and competes primarily in two game series - Smash Brothers, and Rocket League.

eSports has become a wildly popular event not just outside of schools, but within the past decade, schools have begun to offer eSports as an extracurricular, similar to football, and basketball.

It's a relatively new program in schools across the country, that prepares students who would like to maybe have a career in the world of video games, potentially as competitors.

But recently, the eSports culture at Detroit Catholic Central has exploded, and now their events rival the culture and atmosphere of the biggest football or basketball game.

Just this past week, they hosted a rival match of the game Rocket League against Dakota High School, and not only did the student body show up in full force, they brought the heat.

Pep bands, chants,

I'll be honest, there were crowds smaller, and less enthusiastic at some of my college games back in the day.

And, OH YEAH, the event raised more than $2,500 for Gamers Outreach, which is a charity that brings video games to kids and families in hospitals around the country.

It's a live event, with video games, lit crowds, AND it raises money for a good cause. What more could you ask for?

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