The Detroit Tigers' World Series odds are nearly the worst in the league.

ESPN has the Detroit Tigers' odds at winning the World Series this year at 100/1; only the Miami Marlins' chances are worse. "Everything the Tigers and Marlins do this year will be sad, the product ugly," is the prediction.

A Tigers fan will tune in to the first pitch of the season, see it delivered by a pitcher coming off a 6.08 ERA, and rightly wonder about the wisdom of dedicating 486 hours to watching what happens to this team next.

Let's see if we can put that into perspective.

  • The odds of the world ending in 2017 were 100/1. If we survived that, do the Tigs have a shot?
  • If William and Kate name the next royal baby "Oliver" or "Artemis," the Tigers have the same chance of being crowned champions. ("Donald" is a long shot at 500/1.)
  • Charlize Theron or Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones are as likely to be cast as the next James Bond at the movies.
  • At 80/1, it is more likely that North Korea's Kim Jong-Un will challenge President Trump to a golf match to settle their dispute.
  • On the other hand, the Tigers' chances are better than 20,000,000/1 odds that Elvis would crash a U.F.O. into Loch Ness, hitting Nessie or that Bono will be elected as the next Pope (1000/1).

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