The Detroit Tigers are in the middle of a long losing streak.  They lost again on Wednesday but ended up winning a pregame standoff.

According to the M-Live story,  Daniel Stumpf of the Tigers and Sandy Alcantara of the Marlins had an anthem standoff.

Both players stood still after the national anthem played and the rest of the teams walked away. Stumpf stood the longest as Alcantara was convinced to leave the field by the umpire crew chief.  Stumpf had the third base umpire threatening ejection.

If this was meant to fire up the team it didn't work as they lost to the Marlins for their 8th straight loss.

Anthem standoffs have happened in recent years in baseball sometimes even featuring full teams.

The standoffs started to hold up start times for games so minor league baseball last year told umpires to eject players who start them.

Major League Baseball hasn't spoken out but if players continue to standoff umpires will toss the players.







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