Detroit Threat Management Center has been lighting the internet on fire recently with its viral star Commander Brown showing people how they can increase their survivability in tough situations!

I too was once a non-believer, coming from a combat sports background I'm accustomed to seeing pretenders. But after laughing and watching a few of these videos I got hooked! Yea some of the situations look silly, but other ones are 100% accurate. Like breaking a grip and how to use bio-mechanics to throw your opponent without wasting energy. I went down a serious rabbit hole watching these videos, mainly because the atmosphere that it creates is super fun and gets people engaged!  They even do a series of videos challenging non-believers!

I'm trying to tell you this guy is the next big internet star coming out of Detroit!

Here are some of my favorite videos so far!

1. 10 Piece combo BABY!!!

Did you see those hands!? I honestly was in tears when I saw this, but the story gets deeper when you watch more of his videos. Just trust me!


2. Move over BLADE! There's a new weapon master around!

All jokes aside, that dude looks deadly with a baton! That compression hold works 100%. Trust me I've had it applied to me before, and all you wanna do is let go.


3. Challenging a non-believer.

I just love the environment Commander Brown is creating for people. A lot of internet trolls would say, " why won't you just run away?". Well, in real life sometimes you don't have a choice and too much distance from an attacker with a gun is a straight-up death sentence.

Whether you feel like it's fake or you see some tips that you can implement into your own life, these videos are without a doubt addictive! Check out their youtube channel by clicking the link below and get lost in some of these hilarious & awesome videos!

Click here for Detroit Treat Management's Youtube Channel

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