Well, it had to happen one of these days.....a little write-up on the Michigan town of Dick.

The ghost town of Dick, Michigan was a lumber town, postal stop, and railway station along the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad. The little town was established when a post office set up operations on December 15, 1904, enlisting Lemuel Green as postmaster. Lem's postal duties were taken over by Elick Person, a local lumberman, on May 21, 1906.

Dick's post office – which also included a general store - closed down on December 30, 1916; from then on, their mail service was transferred to Trout Lake, ten miles west on Trout Lake Rd.

The Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad began operations in 1883, boosting new settlements throughout the Upper Peninsula. The rails went through many towns, including the now-ghost towns of Dick, Cordell, Fibre, Haff, Spur, Alexander, and Dryburg, and the towns of Trout Lake and Rudyard. Up to eight passenger trains a day ran the route through the towns.

Dick can be found on S. Hayward School Road, in Trout Lake Township, Chippewa County.

(P.S.....I'm leaving all the obvious jokes up to YOU.)

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