The fine folks at the Huffington Post put together a list of the "27 Cartoon Characters Who Gave Us the Hots as Kids."

Being the Pervy McPerv that I am, there's definitely a handful on this list turn turned me on as a kid.  Like Jessica Rabbit.  C'mon!  Who wasn't turned on by Jessica Rabbit and those massive cans she was sporting.  Or Rogue from the X-Men.  Yup, 12 year old me had a crush on her.  Again, giant cans.

But then, some of the characters on this list are just creepy and weird.  For instance, Optimus Prime from the Transformers is on the list.  Really?  Optimus Prime?  He's a truck that turns into a robot!  What 11 year old girl had the hots for him?

You know who else made the list?  Baby Simba.  Yes, you read correctly.  Baby f***ing Simba.  So, Huffington Post, you're telling me that some little kid had the hots for Baby Simba?  I don't know what drugs you're smoking, but please exclude me from them.