A while back I did an article on discontinued Kellogg's cereals. In all fairness to Post, I figured I should do the same for them.

Post has a nice long line of cereals, past & present.....maybe even more than Kellogg's. In the 1990s thru the 2000s, Post released so many different cereals, with many being discontinued. Aside from the usual reason of not enough sales, many of these cereals were kid-aimed and were distributed as a “limited edition” in order to cash in on current fads, movies, cartoon characters, sporting events, etc. Thus, many titles died out after a year or two.

C.W. Post began his business under questionable circumstances. Before he began his cereal empire, he manufactured farm implements. The stress of this position caused him to have a nervous/mental breakdown in 1885. Afterward, he went into real estate in Texas and began his own company in 1888. This job also was too much for him, and in 1891 he broke down again due to stress.

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Worried about his susceptibility to stress, Post traveled to Battle Creek and institutionalized himself in the Kellogg sanitarium, hoping to find a cure.

While a patient, he happened to somehow find out about the Kellogg brothers' plans for making cereal as a health food. Insiders say that Post ended up stealing the recipes for some of Kellogg's cereals like Caramel Coffee cereal (which Post made as Postum), corn flakes (Post turned it into Post Toasties) and Malted Nuts (which Post made into Grape-Nuts). This claim has not been proven.

Post created the Postum Cereal Company in 1895 with Postum his first product – Postum was not a breakfast cereal, but a breakfast beverage made from cereal grains. His famous claim that Grape-Nuts could cure appendicitis was actually confronted and he wound up going to court for false claims. He was found guilty and fined $50,000.

Post's first 'regular' cereal after Grape-Nuts was called “Elijah's Manna”, unleashed on the public in 1904. After complaints from religious groups, he was forced to change the name to “Post Toasties Double-Crisp Corn Flakes”, changed to simply “Post Toasties” in 1908.

But enough about old CW.
Below is a list of 60 discontinued Post cereals, many which have been favorites of mine and many others.

Discontinued Post Cereals


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