We've heard for many years now about the "Wasting" disease that plagues animals and is most notably discussed when it comes to deer for the simple reason that we are in contact with them through hunting and they are prevalent in our surroundings.  But now another disease is affecting and infecting the deer population in West Michigan and it's literally hitting close to home.

According to nbc25news.com, the DNR confirmed this week that a Kalamazoo deer tested positive for the rare Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus or EEE.  And it wasn't in the woods in some rural area.  It was in the Winchell Neighborhood!  The diseased deer was spotted by a homeowner on Fredrick Avenue near Oakland Drive stumbling and foaming at the mouth.  However, unlike the wasting disease which can be transmitted to humans by the deer, EEE is carried by mosquitoes which can infect people on their own.  Get more details by clicking HERE.


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