Just what we need another alarm.  This one makes us afraid to go outside after we've been cooped up all Winter and much of the Spring.  As long as I can remember we've always been Leary of ticks; not so much for the diseases they might carry but more for not wanting any of them on you, sucking your blood, growing bigger and then having to try and remove them with a lit cigarette or something like that.  And mosquitoes?  All I remember is that you got bit, it itched and you scratched it.

But this is a different world we live in on so many levels and now we have to be worried about being outside in Michigan.  How about that?  According to our friends at WWMT, the CDC is warning about an explosion of outbreaks from Lyme & Zika as well as many other diseases I've never even heard of.  I don't know about you but I didn't need anymore heightened anxiety.  Get the rest of the info and click throughs for ways to combat what nature is bringing this Summer by clicking HERE.

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