There are certain games that are easier to cheat at than others.  Battle Ship comes to mind right away.  I've been "accused" of cheating at cribbage and, due to my expansive intellect (or is it a head full of useless knowledge?), many family members don't want me to play Trivial Pursuit with them anymore.  So what about Monopoly?  I suppose when there is money involved, somehow people will find a way to cheat.  But what if it were encouraged???

Well, according to there is a special edition of Monopoly made especially for players who cheat!  But why would a company like Hasbro justify and even invite cheating at one of their games?  The new Monopoly: Cheaters Edition encourages players to cheat as many times as they can get away with.  The game actually comes with 15 "cheat" cards which lets players steal from the bank, move others players' pieces and execute other underhanded moves.  Check out more of this go-to game nighter by clicking HERE.




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