Since I was a kid my coaches used to call me "Big Joe" and while I've recently lost 100lbs I still love great food and these Michigan Food Challenges all look delicious.

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It's time to take off your tight pants and slip into something comfy and stretchy as we check out these five Michigan food challenges.

Can You Handle These Michigan Food Challenges

Food Challenge 1 - "Dog Central Challenge" at Dog Central 

Dog Central is located in Mount Pleasant and according to, the Dog Central Challenge is a test of both mental and physical toughness.

Credit: Dog Central via Facebook
Credit: Dog Central via Facebook

You have to chow down on three foot-long hotdogs with chili and your choice of two toppings,  French fries, onion rings, and a 20 oz. pop to wash down. If you can complete the challenge, you'll earn a place on the Wall of Fame. But if you lose they will put you on the Wall of Shame.

Dog Central has several other challenges including:

  • Most hot dogs eaten in two hours
  • Most hot dogs eaten in one half hour
  • The Ghost Chili Challenge (three hot dogs with ghost pepper chili)

Food Challenge 2 - "The Lumber Jack Steak Challenge" at The Grill House

Lumber Jack Challenge. 42oz Top Sirloin in one hour

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Food Challenge 3 - "50 Wing Challenge" at The Winter Inn

The Winter Inn is located in Greenville and has a challenge for fans of chicken wings that goes down every Sunday. The 50 Wing Challenge is a tough one. You have to eat almost a wing a minute to come out victorious.

If you can do that you will get a Winter Inn t-shirt and a $15 gift certificate.

Food Challenge 4 - The "Monster Burger" at Mallie's Sports Grill 

Mallie's Sports Grill is located in Southgate and if you're going to take on the Monster Burger you might need to bring a small army to eat it all.

To complete the challenge you have to eat a 10lb burger in two hours or less. The burger comes with lettuce, tomato, and onion. If you can complete the challenge your burger will be free, your picture will go on the wall, and you'll earn yourself $100.

They also have another challenge. The Monster Taco Challenge 

Food Challenge 5 - The "Dare To Be Great Challenge" at The Parlour of Jackson

The Parlour of Jackson is located in Jackson and is the perfect end to this Michigan Food Challenge. To come out victorious in the Dare To Be Great Challenge you will need to choose 21 scoops of ice cream. After that, they will pile cherries, strawberries, chocolate sauce, nuts, pineapple, marshmallows, and whipped cream.

If a brain freeze or full belly doesn't stop you from downing this in an hour you get it for FREE. But if you can't you will have to pay for it which is $49.99

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