Over the weekend the Allegan County Fair kicked off and as is expected, traffic in the small town tends to get snarled up.

But what one motorist decided to do was terrifying for other drivers on M89 near the fairgrounds as they watched a black Jeep literally drive into oncoming traffic.

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In a post that's since gone viral, Tyler Verile posted a dashcam video of what appears to be a late model dark-colored Jeep Laredo driving into the oncoming lane of traffic heading towards the fairgrounds on M89.

In the video, you can see the Jeep pull into oncoming traffic while vehicles in that lane pulled onto the shoulder to avoid the reckless driver. Luckily it appears that no one was hurt or struck by the Jeep.

One internet sleuth who goes by Heather Marie on facebook says they used a photo editing app to enhance the picture and cross-referenced registration records to narrow down the vehicle's information, while we're unable to confirm if this is true, here's their description:

The license plate number is PAT 9, it's a 2019 Laredo....It's registration is out of Holland Michigan and vehicle vin # is 1C4RJFAG9KC635626

Many on the post then took to posting enhanced pictures and commenting on how reckless the driver was:

I saw that video. I wanna holler at that guy. They missed the oncoming whitish suv by what...one second? That is unacceptable. I hope the police nail him...or her. -Penny N Lark Baker

I was one of the people that had to pull over! Thank you for having a dash cam! -Lindsey Nielsen

The oncoming traffic was way too close for something like that. That would have been a head on collision with another two or three cars on top of it. It's better to just let people pass even when they're super rude. -Jamie Moss

If you have any information on the vehicle or the reckless driver, please contact the Allegan County Sheriff's Department: (269) 673-0500

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