Buzzfeed recently released a post highlighting a hidden shame that many children have carried in to their adult lives. Whether a bully got the better or us, a sibling took rough-housing too far, or your "best friend" just wanted to see what would happen, more adults than you know show the scars of their school supply slip-ups. I'm talking about the Pencil Stab Mark.

Stefani Bishop
Stefani Bishop

I honestly couldn't tell you how how it happened to me, because I was young, and it happened so fast. Told to go to my room and not come out until it was clean, I set about digging through the mountain of markers and construction paper that carpeted my closet floor when I felt a sharp pain. i looked down to see a the tip of a pencil buried deep of the tip of my middle finger. No blood. I just remember not being able to see the graphite because of how far the tip had made it in my finger. I simply pulled the pencil out and kept on with my work.

What about you? What's your pencil stabbing story?

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