Major League Baseball has given permission to the Tampa Bay Rays to explore playing  their home games in two cities.  Do fans want to see this happen?

According to CBS Sports,  MLB has given the Rays permission to explore playing the first half of the season in St. Petersburg, Florida.  They would then spend the other half in Montreal, formerly the home of the Expos.

This deal as of now is only being explored and not set in stone.  If it does happen it won't take place until 2028 with approval from the city.

Being a fan of Major League Baseball I feel that the Rays should stay in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area.

The Rays need a new stadium and if they can somehow find a place for one around the Tampa area I think there is support for them.

As for the situation with Montreal the Expos should still be a team.  I remember watching many of the great players who played there like Gary Carter, Tim Raines, Andre Dawson and Pedro Martinez.

If baseball returns to Montreal I hope they are given an expansion team.  I would rather not see an existing team go there.

We will see what happens with the Rays situation but I hope that the Rays stay in Florida.



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