Zakk Wylde and his Sabbath tribute, Zakk Sabbath are recreating Sabbath's debut.  With many tribute bands around are there any classic albums you want to see recreated?

One of my favorite tribute bands is the Genesis tribute called, The Musical Box.  I had a chance to see these guys a few years ago and they recreate the early years of the band.

They have performed complete shows of Genesis from their, "Foxtrot" tour to "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" and  more.

They even have been praised by Genesis  for their performances.  I think if any tribute band is to cover a full album The Musical Box could do it.  They would be faithful to the original and maybe add just enough to make it a bit different.

Brit Floyd, Pink Floyd tribute may also be one that I think could do justice recreating a full album of Pink Floyd.

We'll see how this Zakk Sabbath recreation turns out and if any other tribute bands decide to tackle a classic.    Are there any classics you want to see redone by tribute bands?

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