I don't care if it is the Cubs, it's still a dream job. Imagine this being your place of work. (And you work about 81 days a year.) And since neither of us will be major league shortstops, (seriously, there was only one Jeter.), this may be the key to The Show.

I know of a couple of very, very, successful Kalamazoo business people, who grew up not far from Wrigley Field, and, in their golden years, have chosen to spend a lot of time at "the Friendly Confines." In once case, I believe, all summer, (it might have been the World Series year or the year before, I don't remember.)

What I am clunkily trying to say, if this is your happy place, there's a pretty sweet gig available. The Cubs are looking to hire a Public address announcer. You know, the person that says, "now batting, the second baseman, number nine, Javier Baez."

I have an old friend who worked with a guy named Gene Honda. Gene is the voice of the White Sox, Blackhawks and the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. Now, obviously, Honda is at the top of his profession, but you'll never get to that level if you don't at least take a shot at it. Here's the job app link.

Now here's the part that would make me go "whoa!" You'd be following in the footsteps of the likes of the legendary Pat Pieper. Here's a funny story about Pieper. According to wikipedia, "Pieper first got to use an electronic public address system in 1932. "That saved my life," he said. "Before that, I had to run up and down the lines with my [14-pound] megaphone to make any kind of announcement. On some of those hot Wrigley Field days I’d lose six or eight pounds."

More recently, the job belonged to Wayne Messmer, maybe also the greatest anthem singer of all time.

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It's not just people who have broadcast experience. If you're good a public speaking, go for it. Life is short.

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