Now that summer is slipping into fall, you may begin to wonder when the first flakes of snow will appear in Southwest Michigan heralding another winter. We checked with the National Weather Service and found the first date of snowfall in Kalamazoo history.

According to the NWS, a weather station at the Kalamazoo State Hospital recorded an early season snowfall on October 9 in 1906. Other early first snowfalls in history around the region include:

  • September 29, 1967 at Coldwater State School
  • October 11, 1988 at Battle Creek
  • October 19, 1930 at Plainwell Dam
  • October 19, 1989 at Gull Lake Biological Station

The National Weather Service has compiled thousands of First Snowfall dates on their website here.

Similarly they also maintain a listing of last-of-the-season snowfalls. In Kalamazoo, that's May 14, 1895 at the State Hospital.

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