Grocery store delivery service Shipt is adding 50,000 shoppers as they gear up for the holidays. Find out how to apply right now in Southwest Michigan.

Christmas costs money. Since lawmakers and legislators in Washington D.C. and Lansing are dragging their feet on passing another Coronavirus relief package, you may have to get out and get it for yourself. One way to do it is by pushing a shopping cart. It used to be that a person pushing a shopping cart was shorthand for someone that was homeless; today it means a hustler with a side-job at a service like Shipt.

As more and more people are shopping online in 2020, delivery companies like Grubhub, Instacart, DoorDash, and Shipt are flourishing. The Business Journals reports Shipt has launched a massive holiday hiring push, adding 50,000 jobs nationwide and an extra push in nearby Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Shipt shoppers are serving customers with care and making their lives easier during an unprecedented holiday season. We’re excited to add even more shoppers to the community and reward them for their work in helping American families prepare for holiday meals, delight loved ones with gifts and everything in between.

-Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso

So, if you are an admitted shopaholic and love to shop 'til you drop, this is the ideal job for you. You can pretty much make your own hours and work as hard as you want to make the earnings count. This is a different sort of retail therapy, but the best thing is, you get to spend other people's money.

Here's wishing you always end up in the fastest checkout lanes and never get the cart with the wobbly wheel.

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