For many people including myself, the East Oak Square shopping center in East Lansing is no different than any other strip mall, except for the fact that it's actually the gravesite of an American Saddlebred Horse named Oklahoma Peavine. But why is there a random gravesite next to a fire hydrant in front of a strip mall? Because those who haven't been around as long may not know that the site of this strip mall was once farmland. Luckily, there were people out there who wanted to preserve the grave when it was first discovered. TBHeritage looks back at the importance of the horse and its history:

EAST OAK SQUARE is a shopping center on Grand River Street, East Lansing, Michigan that was formerly Northwinds Farm. Northwinds had been the home of the American Saddlebred OKLAHOMA PEAVINE, one of the best sire sons of Rex Peavine, and sire of A Sensation, My Golden Dawn, and Love Affair. OKLAHOMA PEAVINE died in 1950, and the grave was marked by the American Saddlebred Horse Association in 1965. The farm was later sold and when developers began construction work, the marker stone was found and left in place in a landscaped plot in front of the strip mall

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This horse isn't the only animal with a strange burial site, as an elephant of all animals was buried behind a mall in Waterford after sadly and suddenly passing away in 1972. Dehydration, pneumonia, and old age were said to be factors, but nevertheless, when she died at the Pontiac Mall during a carnival/circus, she was forced to be buried somewhere on the premises. Although the exact location of her burial is unknown, a former employee said she was there and the elephant, Little Jennie was buried in a field behind the Mall. Close to Pontiac Lk Rd at Telegraph

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