When compared to all the horrible things that are happening not only all over the country but all over the world, this Easter Sunday morning incident is relatively minor, but it does lead to bigger questions in my mind.

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According to a woman who posted this video on the "Grand Rapids Informed" Facebook page, there was an incident at the Easter Service Sunday morning at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in downtown Grand Rapids. A man walked into the church and down the aisle at the beginning of the service and smashed some candles on the altar before being subdued and walked out of the chapel.

Now there are several things here that are very troubling; the most important being that a man walked into a church and started an incident. Thankfully that's all it was and he didn't have a weapon. Secondly, and this is maybe the times we live in, but since everything seems to make its way to social media, the reaction is in one way predictable, and in another, stunning. And finally, this incident, combined with the woman who chained herself to a basketball hoop at an NBA playoff game to protest the team's owner raises another question.

As mentioned, thankfully the incident turned out to be unsettling and not a major tragedy as has happened in other cities.

The reaction on Facebook is if not surprising, at best, head-shaking. People's reactions went from worry and relief over the incident to some thinking it was staged by the Church, and then the posts devolved into a complete dismissal of religion and the faith and the people posting comments.

On the final point, I know in this day and age, it seems like too many people are looking for attention, if not for themselves, then for the cause they believe in. Yet, some of us just want to forget the troubles of the world and simply watch a game. Respectfully, is that asking too much?

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