Harper Village, in Emmet Township, has been a traffic nightmare since its inception. It's about to get worse as Aldi is adding another Battle Creek area store.

Uncoordinated traffic lights and a glut of retailers have caused traffic disruptions at B Dr. N near the intersection of I-94 and M-66 for years. Once vacant land, first came Holiday Inn, Meijer and Menard's, followed by a strip mall with a Kohl's, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, TJ Maxx, MC Sports and others. Soon a McDonald's and Walgreen's cropped up in the parking lot and other smaller island businesses were added: Discount Tire, Goodwill, Gordon Food Service, Chili's, and Ruby Tuesday (R.I.P.). Add to that Sam's Club, Walmart, Lowe's and a TSC on the other side of the road and you can see why the area might attract so much traffic.

Now, Aldi is adding it second Battle Creek area store in the former Bed Bath & Beyond storefront. Emmett Township Supervisor Deb Belles. told Battle Creek Enquirer, "I believe Aldi’s is a perfect addition to Emmett Township to give our residents another option for grocery shopping as they have competitive prices along with organic and specialty items." It will be the second Aldi in Battle Creek, with the other at 870 W. Columbia Ave.

The addition is a continuation of Aldi's plan to open more than 70 new stores across the country in 2020. battle Creek shoppers can plan on putting their quarters intot he shopping carts sometime this year.

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