Sing along with Disney's top 10 hits from the comfort and safety of your car while you watch movie clips projected on the side of this Battle Creek house.

Tom Wood always has one of the best Christmas light shows in Battle Creek. We're not talking about just a few lights. Tom would make Clark Griswold jealous. When people started talking about putting Christmas lights up again, he was all in- but his wife Sarah had reservations. In order to keep his household the happiest place on Earth, Tom devised another way to cheer people up and provide some fun in a time when many entertainment options have been taken off the table: Disney movies.

Clips from Disney movies featuring the Mouse House's top 10 songs are projected on the side of the house in a Battle Creek neighborhood. People park their cars, tune in the radio and then sing along. It's a great way to practice social distancing and keep your family safe and secure. The reviews have all been positive:

  • Thanks Tom for providing smiles when so many people need one.
  • How awesome of you guys to do this!
  • Thank You so much!! Me and my son were there tonight, it was so cool. You rock.
  • Thank you! What an amazing way to care for others in this time of stress! God bless.
  • You are a good man Mr. Tom Wood. Nice way to care for your neighbors. From a distance.

Stop by and experience a little of the Magic Kingdom in Battle Creek. Don't forget to bring your own popcorn!

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