Kalamazoo-based Arbor Federal Credit Union got some unexpected national television play during ESPN's College Gameday.

The September 1 football season debut of Gameday from South Bend brought back the popular You Had One Job segment, Gameday's answer to Monday Night Countdown's C'Mon Man.

During the segment the WMU Broncos were called out for a kicking net that totally blocked the view of the kicking game on field goals and PATs as the game was broadcast on CBS Sports Network. The sponsor of the net, (the one you know nationally that usually has an AllState - "you're in good hands") is Arbor Credit Union.

Gameday's David Pollack noted, "Arbor, whatever they are is getting a lot of play. We're talking about them."

You can see how Arbor got their money's worth in this Twitter image:

College Gameday, has, of course, shown love to WMU. When Kalamazoo was caught up in the Row the Boat rage of the PJ Fleck era, Gameday came to a snowy Waldo Stadium in November 2016.

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