I follow a lot of joke, and satire accounts on twitter, but one of my favorite groups of accounts are those posing as various mountains and volcanoes around the world. They boast about their size, their explosions, their earthquakes and lava flows. Some of it is work appropriate, most of it is not.

However, something has awoken the Mt. St. Helens' account, and all of its content, as of late, is aimed at Michigan. And as much as Michigan accounts are fighting back, Washington's less-than-Saintly imploded peak continues to dish it out. But Why?

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Of course, the obvious reason for Mt. St. Helen's disdain for Michigan right now is because Washington (the state where Mt. St. Helens is) will be facing Michigan in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Apparently the volcano is a Washington fan, and it didn't take long after the Huskies' win over Texas for it to start chirping.

For the record, we DO have a volcano... it's just ancient, and buried under Lake Superior.

The replies from Michiganders and Michigan accounts that followed were Superior (like our Lake), but still, Mt. St. Helen's continued to dish it out. Even Michigan DNR got involved in the fight.  

But Mt. St. Helen's just can't let sleeping dogs lie, or in our case, Wolverines, and continued to lay it on thick with the trash talkin' tweets.


And to finish it all off, I mentioned this account isn't always Safe for Work, one last jab at Harbaugh with a crude gesture.

It's rich to hear so much chirping from a "volcano" that literally sealed its own lips 20 years ago, and hasn't made a peep since. Not to mention, its gone soft, and just lets people walk all over it on a daily basis.

Mt. St. Helen's literally "Peaked" in 1980, so keep talkin all that ash. When you come visit us in Big 10 play, we'll let you look at the trophy in our literal museum of sports history and victories.

Go Blue.

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