While everyone has their eyes locked on the men's and women's NCAA Basketball tournaments, the NCAA Hockey tournaments have also been set, and this year, the state of Michigan is establishing its dominance in the sport.

While there aren't 36 teams that make the College Hockey Tournament, it's still very difficult to get in. Only 16 teams will make the cut, and this year, the state of Michigan represents a quarter of the field.

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The state of Michigan did NOT have a great representation in basketball this year. The Wolverines were so much of a disappointment that head coach Juwan Howard was let go, and Michigan State underperformed so much... they only won one game in the tournament. We did have Oakland for a minute, which was exciting.

But now, Michiganders can shift their focus to hockey, were we are ABSOLUTELY the dominant state.

Of the four Michigan teams in the tournament, only Michigan State is ranked at No. 4, and they will actually be playing Western on Friday at 5 p.m., with the game being broadcast on ESPNU.

Michigan will be the underdog against North Dakota, also on Friday Night at 8:30, and Michigan Tech has been sacrificed to the No. 1 team in the country, Boston College.

Western Michigan actually finished fifth in their conference, which also includes Omaha, Denver, and North Dakota, who also made the playoff. Western has made the tournament the last three years, now, with only one win against Northeastern in 2022. They were then eliminated by Minnesota. Last season, they fell 5-1 to Boston College.

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