For the past year or so, Kalamazoo has been working on a small POD Community that would help house some of our homeless population, and put them in a position where they could focus more on their ability to get back to work, and seek full-time housing opportunities.

Sadly, while this idea is great in idea, it has been a hassle behind the scenes, and during a recent City meeting, things got heated surrounding the fate of the POD Community.

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The proposed community is slated to be set at Stockbridge and Alcott, but now a new site is being considered after some pushback. But now, it's the new location that's causing backlash in the community.

No announcement has been made as to where the new site might be, but specifically, residents made it clear they did NOT want it in the Edison Neighborhood. During the public comment section of the meeting, residents said they already have a struggling population, and fear for more panhandling, drug use, and lowering their property value.

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But, other residents welcomed the idea, saying the POD Community would be nothing like a homeless encampment. In fact, it provides comfort, security, and dignity for those who are struggling. They would also have to adhere to strict rules to live in the community.

The unfortunate thing is, because of the possible site change, the opening of the community will once again be delayed. However, more details should be made available on Friday, April 19th.

What do you think? Will the POD Community help our homeless population in Kalamazoo? Would you care if it was in your neighborhood?

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