It's amazing to me that content like the Cannibalistic Horror Musical short film, "Possibly in Michigan" was made well before the internet became a thing, because this show certainly gives off chaotic web vibes.

It's probably why Gen Z and TikTok are finding a newfound popularity in this obscure short film from the 80s that has given plenty of people nightmares over the past four decades.

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If you've never heard of "Possibly in Michigan," you're not alone.

It's kind of tough to follow at times, but essentially, the story surrounds two women who are followed home from the mall, while shopping for perfume, by a cannibalistic, mask-wearing stalker named "Arthur," or The "Cannibal Animal."

The two women, "Sharon" and "Janice," are initially frightened by Arthur's following them home, but get the best of him by killing him, then becoming cannibals themselves - chopping up Arthur, and eating him. They then dispose of his bones in the garbage, and watch as the trash truck picks up his remains in trash bags, and hauls them off.

Possibly in Michigan

Its' impressively bizarre, and has the makings of something you'd see on a true crime documentary... though I'm pretty sure this story is made up. (Hopefully)

The film got its funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ohio Arts Council, and was actually filmed at the Beachwood Place Mall in Beachwood, Ohio, just on the outskirts of Cleveland.

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The film did receive some publicity, but it wasn't good. When it was released, the final scene of Sharon and Janice killing, and then consuming Arthur in the nude was shown on CBN and the 700 club, where it was described as gay, anti-family, and anti-men.

Possibly in Michigan

Funny thing is, I don't think this film was  intended for families to see it. And since the story revolves around two women, presumably involved in a romantic relationship, eating a cannibalistic stalker man... then yeah, I'd say it's gay and anti-man, too. Big Whoop, right? I mean... it's an art film. Don't like it? Don't watch it. But the 80s were different times, for sure.


Resurgence on TikTok and with Gen Z

Recently, the film has gained popularity again as Gen Z has now found the film on digital platforms, and even uses a part of the sing-songy music as a popular TikTok sound for strange material.

That segment is about 2 minutes in...

"I bite at the hand that feeds me
Slap at the face that eats me
Some kind of animal cannibal
Made impressions on me
Have we met Before?
(Possibly in Michigan)
In some strange department store
(We won't see him anymore)"

How Gen Z found this short film, I'm not sure, but the creator of "Possibly in Michigan," Cecelia Condit, posted it to her Youtube channel five years ago, and has amassed more than 10 million views. Her newfound popularity with a younger generation is especially surprising, considering she's 76 years old now.

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