When it comes to staying safe while shopping, there are a few things you learn over time to keep yourself protected from people who may have nefarious intentions while you are on your way to your car. One of the most at-risk places to go shopping to face one of these encounters is at the mall because of the size of parking lots and how easy it is to get in and get out.

When it comes to the most dangerous places in America to go shopping the Southgate shopping center in Memphis, Tennessee, Tennessee took the top spot but one of the most dangerous places to shop in Ohio.

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On the top 25 list, Tower City Center in Cleveland popped up as one of the most dangerous places to go shopping. This is based on an investigation that APB News did, citing how they got their totals.

The assessment of shopping center crime risk looked at the area surrounding malls and shopping centers. While the risk of crime around a shopping center may be high, the security measures taken by police and the facility itself
can mitigate the actual risk faced there. Managers at a few shopping centers who responded to questions from APBnews.com said they feel they have an adequately trained and managed security force, proper lighting throughout parking lots and other security systems, such as surveillance cameras.

Ohio is Also One of The Safest Places To Shop

Regardless of their appearing on the most dangerous list, Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Macedonia Commons in Macedonia, Southpark Center in Strongsville, Mall at Tuttle Crossing in Amlin, and Northpointe Plaza Retail Shops in Lewis Center all appeared on the lowest risk spectrum. So that's gotta make you feel at ease a bit.

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