If you'll pardon the expression, public officials in Evanston, Illinois are giving topless beaches another look. The city on the north end of Chicago will be discussing a proposal on Tuesday, July 5th from a city council member arguing that men and women should be treated equally and eliminate any ambiguity regarding transgender people.

The council member, Devon Reid, says that doesn't mean topless beaches in Evanston, which is on Lake Michigan. He tells Fox 32 in Chicago that Evanston is the only community along the Lake Michigan shore that regulates the showing of female body parts but not male body parts. And Reid points out the Illinois constitution says women and men are to be treated equally.

His argument is not necessarily for creating nude beaches. It's about gender equality laws and putting his community in line with the state's constitution. He says he's all for starting a discussion about the topic.

(Fox32 Chicago)

Expect more discussion on this topic not just in suburban Chicago, but also here in Michigan as more and more of these issues come up.

Says Reid,

“This would mean that women would have the right, women and other people who have breasts too, to go topless in public. “Since this public discussion, I’ve had residents who are women who have suffered with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy reach out to me and said they’re thankful this law is being reviewed. I’ve had members of the trans community, whether it’s trans men or trans women, reach out to me. Their thankful they’re reviewing this.” Evanston City Council member Devon Reid via WGNTV.com.

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